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PRX DERM Perfexion

NO Pain NO Needles No Downtine

  • 45 min
  • Submerge Aesthetics

Service Description

PRX is a NON-INJECTABLE Biorevitalization treatment, when applied with a specific technique involving topical massage followed by at-home skincare protocol, provides immediate aesthetic improvement and deep hydration. Rejuvenates and helps to prevent further signs of aging the skin in a non-invasive way, without interrupting your daily schedule. PRX DERM PERFEXION IS NOT A PEEL! -PRX product contains 33% TCA and kojic acid providing a skin transformation like nothing you have experienced before. Promotes the production of new collagen and elastin to remodel your stressed skin. Your skin will appear tighter and brighter than ever before! -PRX works on all skin types! -Immediate and Long-Term Results, helping improve the look of: Sun Damage, Melasma, Pore size, Aging, Skin Discoloration, Line&Wrinkles, Scars, Stretch Marks, Skin Tightening/Laxity,Exfoliation. -No Downtime- however redness could occur right after, but able to return to daily routine. TX PLAN: Full Series (Minimum of 4 treatments), immediate improvement is noted after 1 session, longer-lasting collagen formation develops during a Full Series! 7 DAYS IS THE OPTIMUM INTERVAL BETWEEN SESSIONS. -Liquid BOTOX that delivers immediate results without disrupting your lifestyle, best part NO NEEDLES=No Bruising!

Cancellation Policy

24 HOUR NOTICE-$25.00 charge.

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