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Check out our top skincare recommendations to keep up your routine from home.

Available for purchase at submerge!

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“The Key Differences Between All Skincare to Date, Retinol and the Defensin Technology in DefenAge Skincare”


Retinol stimulates “OLD” basal stem cells that are as old as you are to make “OLD” skin cells (Keratinocytes) for anti-aging results.  Defensins activates “Reserve and Healthy” LRG6+ cells to make NEW YOUNG skin cells (keratinocytes) for anti-aging results; same as when you heal from wounds but without wounding. This Exclusive brand is only sold in office. Please see further information regarding products by clicking on DefenAge Pro Exclusive Brand.

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The Core Regimen consists of a powerhouse of products that collaborate to enhance the look and feel of your skin, delivering exceptional results worldwide!(Available in two different sizes)

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Designed to boost the result of microneedling, fractional and ablative laser, fillers,  plastic surgery and more. 
(Available in two different sizes)

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